Frequently Asked Questions

When will my JoyGram be delivered?

JoyGrams are mailed through USPS and take up to 4-6 days, although they often arrive sooner!

Can I track my JoyGram?

Yes! You should receive a tracking link with the email you used to check out. If you did not receive a link please contact

How much does it cost?

JoyGrams cost $4.99. This covers the cost of design, printing, and postage.

Are there limitations on my personalized message?

Your personalized message must be 300 characters or less. Don't put too many paragraphs in your message! If you have too many lines, your message will get cut off! The sample images for each JoyGram show a good length for messages.

Can I ship to/from outside the US?

JoyGram currently does not support addresses outside the US.

I have a problem or question that isn't addressed here.

Send an email to We'll respond in one day or less.